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Dining Hall


The rooms in the residential blocks have been so designed to ensure adequate daylight, natural ventilation and comfortable conditions. Minimum floor areas for student’s dormitories have been maintained. Water closets, wash basins, baths and showers are easily accessible, appropriately located and adequate for the age, sex and number of boarders. Social areas, such as common rooms have been equipped with books toys, games, a T.V, music system and appropriate furniture.

  • a/c – 3 bed rooms
  • a/c – 6 bed rooms
  • a/c – 8 bed rooms
  • non a/c – 16 bed rooms
  • non a/c – 32 numbers bed rooms

All facilities for sports and co-curricular activities are made available to boarders every day including weekdays and week-ends. Teachers on duty will assist with the conduct of such activities. These activities will include all outdoor and indoor games like Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, basketball, cricket, Hockey, Football, Badminton and Lawn Tennis and activities such as use of computers and the library and opportunities to develop skills in art, pottery, music, dance, drama and declamation.

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