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Club Activities

Group activities such as SCIENCE CLUB, ECO CLUB, ART & LITERARY CLUB,  MUSIC CLUB, SPORTS CLUB etc., and help the children gain skills in team work & leadership in addition to increasing their knowledge in the respective domain. These activities further enhance their knowledge in these frontiers & broaden their vision of life. Crucial aspect of the child’s grooming is given much care and attention. Every Saturday is slated for club activities and students are encouraged to participate in various hobbies and activities to improve their Study skills, Concentration Power, Time Management and Memory Skills. The school has a large number clubs, which are designed to stimulate the interest of the students in hobbies and provides approving their personality. The school also provides enough scope for the development of creative faculties and skills in fine arts and crafts, these clubs are Music, Maths, Literacy, Arts & Crafts, etc., CLUBS


Sensitizing our young students to environmental related issues is the main purpose of the School’s Eco Club – Green Force. The Students of this club actively participate in activities like Tree Plantation Drives, “Say no to Plastic” campaigns and the like to encourage awareness about the deadly menace called “Environmental Pollution”


  • Tree plantation Drives
  • Organising campaigns and rallies like ‘Say no to Poly Bags’, ‘Say no to crackers’, ‘Save Water’, ‘Save Energy’, and ‘Green and Clean City’.
  • Projects initiated and undertaken for eco friendly surroundings like Rain Water Harvesting Project and regular maintenance of compost pits and green house in the school premises.
  • Participation of students in various intra and inter school events
  • Interaction with other club members of different schools

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